Product Showcase | Metal Adapter Mat and Quick Release Die Paper

Today we showcase two new products that are must haves for crafting with dies
Firstly our Metal Adapter Mat
This is fantastic if you have some old dies that aren't working as they should or you want to cut fabric, light chipboard or acetate using your dies. The Metal Adapter Mat gives the dies a help in cutting through those materials.

you place your die face up then your paper, fabric etc to be cut and then the metal mat

run it though your machine for a crisp cut
Next we have our Quick Release Die Paper
This was a huge hit at CHA everyone was talking about it and loving it not only how it helps everything to just pop out of die but they absolutely love the pattern and all those mixed media crafters couldn't wait to get their hands on some for the crafting

you layer the quick release paper on the die then your paper, cardstock to be cut. You can see how it all just falls out of the die

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