Thanks for the memories by Bridget Louw

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Today is my turn up on the Couture Creations blog and I started off making a card for the blog post. As luck would have it the darn thing would NOT cooperate and did not take shape as I wanted it to.  I was pretty annoyed as this is my last blog post for the DT.

So I thought to myself, hey lets pull out some of my golden oldies and put them up as a showcase of some of the beautiful products from Artdeco Creations I have had the privilege of working with over the years.

WELL..wasn't I in for a shock..I got all glassy eyed as I remembered all the fun times I have had with my fellow DT members over the years.

Below I will pop up some of the projects I have done over my few times on the DT but before I do I have something I need to say as my last hoorah. 
(LOL this may be deleted but I hope not).

People, the world can be a harsh place. We all have different circumstances, we are all different people. Some people have emotional struggles, some have medical or financial struggles, some have struggles even their best friends know nothing about. 
BUT through it all we all enjoy our craft so lets keep this one area of our lives pure and precious and kind. 

Do not judge your fellow crafter, do not speak harshly of each other, do not gossip. Just be kind and be a good person. 

Also support your stores..for some of us craft is our only social outlet, a break from whatever nasties life sometimes throw our way, so we need our stores to be there for us....darn it they are our therapy sometimes LOL. Ok getting off my tomato box now.

Thank you to all my fellow DT members over the years, 
I have enjoyed getting to know you all. 
To the past & current coordinators, 
thanks for your patience when my DT posts have been late. 

To the people at Artdeco Creations thank you for all the confidence 
in my work and for all the yummy goodies 
most importantly a HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGE thanks to each and every person who took the time to comment on my projects..sometimes those comments gave me such a boost when I needed it most. 

God bless you all and keep crafting.

Lots of love

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