Foiling Fun with Adriana Bolzon

Hi there and welcome. 

Adriana here today with a bit of 'foiling fun'!
I have created two cards using products from the Ultimate Crafts - Bohemian Bouquet Artdeco Creations - Couture Creations collection.

Together with the hot foil stamps and dies from this collection and 
you can achieve so many wonderful layers and different results.

"LOVE" card by Adriana Bolzon

Using ULT158083 Bohemian Bouquet - 
Blooming Flower hot foil stamp together with the 
Go Press and Foil Machine ...

... cut a piece of 

Couture Creations CO725359 Pink mirror foil for the flower part 
and a piece of the Couture Creations CO725391 Green Mirror Foil 
for the leaf part of the hot foil stamp.

The finished result is the foil flower is Pink 

and the leaves are green.

I created two of these foiled flowers, then coloured the flowers and stems with watercolour pencils and added some Couture Creations Glitinz Glitter Crystallina CO721971 over the coloured parts of the flower. 

Once coloured, I cut them both out and attached them with double sided foam tape.

I also hot foiled the

ULT158081 Bohemian Bouquet Background hot foil stamp with 
Matte Rose Gold Foil C0725694 onto white card stock, cutting around it gently and placed this foiled background underneath my foiled/coloured flowers, for a cool background effect.

(Keep the leftover foil for the second technique and card)

Cutting a ULT158055 Bohemian Bouquet Wrought Iron Frame die with
CO725407 Couture Creations Gold Mirror Board 

Next, cut out the word "LOVE" from the one of the sheets from the

ULT158030 Bohemian Bouquet 12 x 12 paper pad.

Adhere these together on the bottom of the card to finish.

"50th" Card by Adriana Bolzon

For my second card, cut a piece of adhesive from Ultimate Crafts -DIE CUT AND BOND tape ULT157644 and adhere this to a piece of card stock.
Peel the protective sheet off and place the foiled piece this is the left over foiled piece of foil, (the one I used to create the above card) on top of the sticky side of the Adhesive tape. Gently rub all the gold foil onto the sticky card stock. 

Gently peel the foil sheet off, the foil now should be stuck to the
adhesive tape, just trim around the edges.

Cut a piece of CO7256792 Blue Sea Foil, gently place on top of  the parts that have no gold foil, these are actually still tacky and once you place your blue foil on top, gently rub over it and peel it away. 

The blue foil will adhere to the exposed adhesive .

This is finished effect - I used this foiled decorated piece as a background for my second card.

Artdeco Couture Creations Product list: for both cards

 Go Press, Foil & Machine by Couture Creations, 
CO721971 Couture Creations Glitinz Glitter glue - Crystallina
CO725694 Couture Creations Gold Matte Rose Gold Foil   
CO725359 Couture Creations Pink mirror foil 
CO725391 Couture Creations Green Mirror Foil 
CO7256792 Blue Sea Foil Mirror Foil
CO725047 Enchanted Tea Party Bouquet die
CO724293 Jewelled florets flowers
CO725408 Gold Matte Mirror board
CO721984 Couture Creations Double side tape 

CO721962 Couture Creations Double side foam tape

Ultimate Crafts - Bohemian Bouquet Collection
ULT158055 Bohemian Bouquet - Wrought Iron Frame Die 
ULT158082 Bohemian Bouquet Blooming flowers Hotfoil stamp 
ULT158081 Bohemian Bouquet Bohemian Background hot foil stamp
ULT158031 Bohemian Bouquet 12x12 paper pad 
ULT158032 Bohemian Bouquet Embossing folder
Other Products:
ULT157644 Ultimate Crafts  - DIE CUT AND BOND tape
ULT157732 Ultimate Crafts - Rambling Rose Elegant Band die

Thanks for looking - 
Big hugs & Cheers Adriana  XX

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