Carousel Confection by Sue Smyth


What can you make with 4 paper plates, 4 straws and a toilet roll insert, and 
lots of Couture Creations dies?

A wonderful Magical Carousel, perfect giving as a gift, you can fill
the bottom with sweets for someone young, or give as a 
baby shower favour with lucky tickets in the bottom.
Or you can just keep it like me lol

Glittery horses are inked around the edge with matching ink and
a sparkly flower or rhinestone attached. Paint red and white 
straws with gesso and sprinkle with glitter allow to dry 
and adhere to backs of horses,

Decorate with lots of pearls around the top and bottom, but if you 
dont want to use quite so many, just space them out more, or even
leave them off.

Attach a label to the front of carousel with a greeting on it, I have used 
Happy Birthday, but you can use any appropriate greeting 
and don't forget to stamp the cute little flag at the top too.

Ok, to start, trim corrugated edges off 4 paper plates and cover a 
toilet roll with patterned paper.
Adhere paper plates together with the curves opposite each other.

Glittery horses are cut from light weight chipboard
painted with gesso and either sprinkled with white glitter or
coated liberally with crystalline Glitz n Glamour. 

Cover the centres of the plates with patterned paper and add a strip 
of cardstock around the edge of the paper plates.
Use wide Couture Creations double sided tape, but also
adhere difficult spots with a hot glue gun for stability.
Adhere both plates to the top and bottom of toilet roll.

Die cut fence and adhere to bottom of carousel and add glittery horses
by adhering to the roof of the carousel.

Paint a bamboo skewer with gesso and make a small flag to 
fit on the top. To make the peaked top, adhere a glittered straw to 
the middle of the top paper plate, adhere securely with hot glue.
Cut 5 kite shapes in plain cardstock and 5 in patterned paper.
Adhere both together and fold the kite at the widest point.
Arrange around the top and rest on the central straw, hot glue in place.
Insert bamboo skewer into the straw.

Attach banners along the top and bottom of carousel as pictured. Add paper
flowers and decorations as desired.

Couture Creations Materials list 
Crystalina Glitzin'-Glamour Glitter Glue CO721921
Pearls, Moonlight CO721998
Gemstones, Pink Flamingo CO721995
Also used
CR371242 Tags
CR371245 Kites
CR371246 Buntings

Happy Crafting 


Tracey Cooley said...

Gorgeous Sue

Lesa said...

Supa cute, so clever to make something so lovely, out of those bits

Lauren Tomecek said...

Wow, this still blows my mind. Such a beautiful girl color scheme, this must make such a show piece.

Adriana B said...

super fabulous

Amanda Baldwin said...

Absolutely amazing Sue! Such a beautiful and stunning creation! (I'm in total awe!!!)

Joey said...

Just fantastic Sue! Truly a work of art

TracyM #6773 said...

WOW - this is WONDERFUL Sue!!!

Kerrie Gurney said...

Sue it is fabulous..just beautiful

Scrappin' Diva said...

Oh my goodness! This is spectacular! Love it!

cghundley said...

Wowza! This is great.
How did you put the
paper plates together
though? What did you
use between them? So
Carla from Utah

sue smyth said...

I hot glued the plates together if that helps lol