Nested Circle Cards by Mel Connell


Well Hello again everyone.
So glad you've stopped by. I am loving that the weather has changed, cooled down and we can spend more time tucked up at home keeping warm and creating away in our little spaces. 
I wanted to share a technique I saw recently where by you Due cut all your elements out and then place them all back in to create a flat surface design. I hope you like it, I hope you give it a go in some way. 

I started with my Couture creations Nested Circle dies. I laid down some low tack painters tape and placed my dies on it to create one cutting dies with all the circles placed inside each other. 

I chose 6 pieces of coloured car stock as I had 6 circle dies, cut them to fit on the front of white folded cards.

Place your Die stack onto each piece of car stock and cut the rings out. Keep them all. Place a pice of double sided sticky paper on the backside of the car stock to cover the circle that is left. 

Work your way through all the pieces placing back different rings of colour. these stick to your double sided sticky sheet so will be secure and will not fall out. 

Keep going until all your card fronts are complete with all rings and the small circle in the centre. 

tape a word Die into the centre of each circle and die cut the word. 

Remove this and you are left with a space where the word should be. 

Adhere these to the fronts of your blank folded cards

Die cut from black card stock 6 celebrate words. Glue these into position on each card. Add some glitter to the words with either your Glitzin Glue or a glitter pen. I added some faux stitch marked around the each of each card with a black marker. 

You'll have a set of six cards ready to go at the end. You can have then ready to go for those unexpected moneys when you need a card, or team them up with envelopes and give them as a gift to someone you love. 

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