Dragonfly Fearie Card by Tracey Cooley


Hi Everyone
One day, just one day I would love to stumble upon a fearie... a land of cute little fairies that are all sparkles and mischief.... its a lovely daydream isn't it. There is just something about the thought of fairies being real that fills your imagination with wonder and mischief. I think this land would be filled with all sorts of different looking fairies including one that looks like this!
To make this little Dragonfly Fairy Card I cut a piece of cardstock to the correct size for my card front and grabbed a piece of book paper.

I then covered the cardstock with the book paper

Then with an ink pad that has a hard surface I inked the top side (the label side) of my Couture Creations Ambassador Dandelion Embossing Folder.

While the ink was still wet I ran may book paper cardstock through it in my cutting machine.
once through I cleaned my emboss folder with a wet wipe.

I love the effect this has on the book paper it seems to jut soak up the ink and give such a crisp clean look. Once done I then used some of my Couture Goodness to create my Dragonfly fairy..

I used 2 of the dragonflies and cut off their little wings to make the skirt of my fairy and the of course one for the wings of the fairy and one I paced in the corner of my card. I coated them with hologram glitter before adding.

I then added a couple of little roses.

If I cannot stumble across a real fearie...
I can certainly make my own!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by have a fairy fantastic day!!

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