Floral Mask by Lauren Tomecek


Whenever I feel like I'm getting stuck in a creative rut I like to create an off-the-page project to change it up and try some different techniques. This month I have decorated a paper mache mask which is now a lovely display piece in my craft room.

1/ Start by purchasing a cheap mask from your local craft store, mine was about $5. Remove the elastic. Cover the mask in torn up pieces of old book paper using PVA glue, mod podge or a watered down polymer resin. This paper is quite thin so moulds to the shape of the mask easily. Once the mask is dry trim the edges to the shape of the mask and re-punch the holes at the sides where the ribbon will go.

2/ Fussy cut a number of butterflies and flowers from various Vintage Rose Garden papers. How many you cut is up to you and will depend on the size of your mask. I applied some Crystalina Glitzin' Glamour to the wings of the butterflies and highlights of the flowers for some added sparkle.

3/ To create the 3D flowers, using the scalloped circle nesting dies cut three circles of the three smallest sized die and two of the next smallest size. Make cuts leading towards the centre (only cut about 2/3 of the way in) from every second scallop. Spritz each circle with water and scrunch up into a ball, leave to dry. Once dry, gently partially unfold the die cuts. To create the big flower I used two layers of each of the two largest sized dies and one of the next size down. The small flower uses two layers of the smallest size circles and the medium flower uses the remaining four die cuts. Each flower is held together with a brad.

4/ Apply your trims. I have used lace along the top of the mask and twine along the bottom and around the eyes. I also used a border die cut from the Vintage Rose Collection along the bottom of the mask. This is attached to the inside of the mask, start at the centre/nose and work your way out to the edges to make sure the pattern is centered. Now is a good time to add your ribbon ties at the sides too.

5/ Adhere the die-cut flowers to the outer edges of the mask using foam tape. Layer up your fussy cut flowers and leaves on the left side of the mask. You may need to cut these down into smaller sections to get the best positioning for your mask shape. Once you're happy with their placement, place a pearl in the centre of each fussy cut flower. I variered the size of the pearl depending on the size of the flower.

6/ Adhere a butterfly in each corner of the mask above the die-cut flowers. 

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