Sweet Baby card and Gift Bag by Sue Smyth


Hi Bloggers
Today I am sharing a sweet baby card and decorated gift bag, for you
all. This seems to be the year for babies, with a new baby girl 
in our family and of course in the Royal family !

I did not want traditional colours this time, instead 
going for neutral and gold tones with a touch of red. 

Here I have altered the flowers using a wicking technique
below I have a mini tutorial below to help you with that.

This flower is a little different, still using wicking but changing
where I put the ink.

Wicking Flowers 
Wicking just means you are wetting the flower
or ribbon first, so that when you dip it into 
ink, the ink can flow freely through the fibres
following the water that is already there.

Dab ink over the Couture Creations Craft No Stick Mat.

Spritz with water, the more water you add the paler the 
colour and end result.
Also spray the flower with water, make it wet not soaked 
but good and wet.

Drop the flower into the wet ink, roll around, with your
fingers, you can dip individual petals in the ink for a 
controlled effect. When you are happy with the colour 
dry with a heat gun. 

The end result should be that the colour is on the tips
of the petals and not in the center.

If you want colour in the center like my blue flower above.
Wet flower and apply ink with a pipette to the center only
then the colour will wick out to the outer petals with a 
nice deep center.
You can just dab ink all over craft mat and use 
the pipette to suck it up to apply to flower.

Couture Creations Materials

Happy Crafting  

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