Butterly Love Tags by Julianne McKenna-De Lumen


Welcome everyone! Julianne joining you today. 
Are you ready for a quick and simple tag making tutorial?
All you need are three pieces of paper, some dies, and three tags. It doesn't get any easier than this!

To start with, I used the following 3 pieces of paper from the Vintage Rose collection. But the beauty of these tags, is that you can swap these papers for different papers, even Christmas papers, and still create three gorgeous tags. 

Let's start with the layers for the manilla tags. Firstly, remove the brown reinforement ring from the back side of the tags. Put them aside. Now, you will need to cut three tag shapes from the pale green sheet of paper, and three tag shapes from the green checked sheet of paper. I have simply traced the tag shape on the back of the paper, and cut them out. There is no need to be perfect, as they will be distressed. It is important to remember, that when cutting out the dies and tag shapes, please space your dies and tags carefully, as I used nearly all the papers, including the scraps. In other words, don't be wasting space when cutting.  

For the dies, I have used the Bobtail Set of Ornamental Lace Dies (Frames N Frills). You will need to cut 3 pink and 2 green strips of the lace border die, two large cream doily shapes (back side of the green checked paper), a small cream doily shape, and one large pink circle (with serrated edge).    

Finally, you will need to fussy cut the following images from the "Roses & Butterflies" paper.

 Take all three tags, and all six paper tag shapes, and ink around the edges with gold ink. You can use something like a gold cube ink (as pictured), or even Staz-On Gold ink for a richer effect. 

Now it's time to distress those paper tag edges. The pale green tags need to be distressed enough that they show the gold edges of the manila tag underneath. So don't be scared to rip and tear as much as necessary. The same applies to the green checked paper tags - these much be distressed so that they are smaller than both the green paper tags, and the manila tags. If you loose too much gold ink in the process of distressing, just add more ink once you are finished. 

Using tape or glue, adhere the paper layers to the tag, with the checked green paper on top, and the light green paper in the middle. Re-glue the reinforcement ring onto the top pf the layered papers. All three tags will look similar. 

Take the first tag and adhere a large cream doily shape with 3D foam tape. It should be positioned off-centre, on the left side of the tag. Take the pink serrated edge circle, and ink the edges with gold ink. Then, adhere it to the centre of the cream doily.  

Take the rectangular shaped phrase that you cut out previously, add 3D foam tape to the back, and adhere it to the center of the pink circle, slightly off-centered to the left. 

Using 3D glue spots (my favourite new product), add the butterfly to the top of the pharse, and the flowers around the outer edges of the phrase and doily. Take a piece of the lace border strips (pink), and cut it slightly smaller (do not throw away the piece that you cut off - you will need that for the last tag). Tuck and glue the lace border strip into the bottom layers of the tag.

Add pink pearls and Glitzin' Glamour Glitter Glue in Crystalina and Vintage Gold to finish your first tag. Add a loop of twine so you can tie your tag to a gift or present. 

For your second tag, glue the two green lace border strips to the center of the tag. 

Using those fabulous 3D glue spots (again), glue the three large butterflies to the center of the tag, spacing them evenly. Take the small left over piece of the lace border die that you cut from the previous tag, and adhere it to the tag on the top left hand edge. Now take another piece of the pink lace die cut border, and cut it into a smaller and longer piece - adhere it to the bottom, and lower right side of the tag (as shown in the image). 

Now, finish the tag with some Vintage Gold and Crystalina Glitzin' Glamour Glitter Glue, and soft pink pearls. Yes, it is that quick and simple! 

For your final tag, place 3D foam tape on the back of the last large cream doily, and adhere it to the center of the tag. Add a small piece of the 3D foam tape to the small cream doily, and adhere that to the center of the large doily. Take the last pink die cut lace border, and trim it to fit along the bottom edge of your tag. Adhere with glue. 

Using 3D glue spots, adhere a small butterfly to the center of the doilies, and the flowers around the outer edges of the small doily. 

Finish your final tag with Crystalina and Vintage Gold Glitzin' Glamour Glitter Glue, and pink pearls in various sizes. The tags are now complete! 

CO723961 Frames n Frills Ornamental Lace Die - Bobtail Set
CO723982 Vintage Rose Garden 12 x 12" Patterned PaperPack - Rose Header
CO723986 Vintage Rose Garden 12 x12" Patterned Paper Pack - Green Plaid
CO723987 Vintage Rose Graden 12 x12" Patterned Paper Pack - Roses & Butterflies
CO721964 Adhesives Foam Mounting Tape 12mm x 4m
CO721984 Adhesives Double Sided Tape 12mm x 50m
CO723817 Adhesives 3D Glue Spots 1/2" x 1/8"
CO724037 Adhesives Turbo Precision Glue Pen
CO721997 Classic Gemstones & Pearls, Blush Pink Pearls
CO721971 Glitzin' Glamour Glitter Glue Crystalina
CO721981 Glitzin' Glamour Glitter Glue Vintage Gold
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