Matchbook Mini Albums by Julieanne McKenna-De Lumen


 The charm of these mini matchbook albums is that they are quick and simple to create. They can be used as brag books for family & friends, as little thank-you gifts, or even as party favours. And even better, is that they can be coordinated to suit any theme or colour. The options are endless. 
Here's a list of what you will need: Perfectly Petite Doilies Dies, cardstock and Vintage Rose papers in the colours of your choice, white flowers, a stapler (and staples), a ruler, a pencil, tape, and 3D glue spots. 
Step 1: Cut cardstock to 3" x 6". (Cut one piece for each album that you plan to create). Using a light pencil and ruler, mark the inside of the cardstock at 0.5" and at 3.5". These are your fold lines. 
Step 2: Folding. Fold the cardstock at the inside marked edges (0.5" and 3.5"). The small 0.5" piece of uncovered cardstock will become the front flap. Fold the rest around to create the album. 

Step 3: Using a stapler, add two staples to the front flap (as shown). 

Step 4: Open the album and flip it over to the outside cover. Cut a piece of paper to 2.5" x 5.5". Adhere the paper to the outside of the cardstock with double-sided tape. If the paper is too long (this may happen due to the fold lines), just trim with a ruler and cutting knife. 
Step 5: Fold the album back up. Cut a strip of coordinating paper at 0.5" x 3". Using double-sided tape, adhere to the front flap, covering the staples.
Step 6: Cut out a perfect doily die with a coordinating piece of paper. Adhere with glue to the center of the front cover of the album.

Step 7: Using 3D Glue Spots, adhere a white flower to the center of your doily. 
Step 8: Cut a piece of coordinating paper to 2.25" x 11.5". This is your inside flap for photos and/or journaling. Using a light pencil and ruler, mark on the back side of the paper at 2 and 14/16", at 5 and 12/16", and at 8 and 10/16". These are your fold lines. 

Step 9: Fold as marked, creating an "M" shape fold, as shown.
Step 10: Place tape on the back side of the folded paper (first panel only), and adhere to the inside of the matchbook. 
Step 11: Decorate your album as desired. I have added gemstones to the outer edges of the doilies, pearls to the center of the flowers, and drawn hand stitched borders with a ruler and black felt pen. Other options could include adding glitter glue or spraying your flowers with a coloured spray mist.  
Congratulations, your album is now complete. 
All you need to do is add your chosen photos and/or journaling. 
Thank-you for stopping by today, and allowing me to share my mini matchbook albums with you. 
CO723971 Vintage Rose Paper Pad 12 x 12in
CO724062 Vintage Rose Paper Pad 6 x 6in 
CO724137 So Lace Perfectly Petite Doilies
CO724142 Ebony Perfectly Petite Doilies
CO724143 Cherish Me Perfectly Petite Doilies
CO724146 Lullabies Perfectly Petite Doilies
CO724287 White Flowers English Roses 3.5cm
CO724288 White Flowers English Roses 2.5cms
CO724297 White Flowers Camden Cottage Roses 3cms
 CO721988 Gemstones & Pearls Sparkling Champagne
CO721996 Gemstones & Pearls Crystal 
CO721997 Gemstones & Pearls Pink Blush
CO721999 Gemstones & Pearls Cafe Creme 
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Cheers and happy creating, xxx 

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