Star Book with Katrina Thompson

Hi everyone. I have a Star Book for you all today using the Bohemian Bouquet collection.
Technically, these are easy books to put together, then it is totally up to you how you may wish to embellish it. You could fill it with quotes, pop photos in or make it a journal, or mix it up as you can see below.
I have the basic measurements of my book and then a pictorial of design ideas. You can always adapt the sizing to whatever you have planned to put inside it. 
Enjoy!! K

I have chosen a 3 layer star book with 6 sections.
My base layer is the coloured card. I have chosen to alternate the colours using 2 coordinating card colours, Blue Moon and Carnelian, to match the Bohemian papers.
Cut 3 sections in each colour, (6 in total), 15cm high x 29cm long. Score and fold in half.
Cut 6 pieces of white card, 15cm high x 25cm long. Score and fold in half and ink the edges in a coordinating colour.

Cut 6 panels from the 12x12patterned papers, 15cm high x 21cm long. Score and fold in half and edge in a coordinating colour.

I have created an inverted panel on 2 of my panels as a feature. Measure 5cm down from the top and 5cm up from the bottom, (1/3rds) and cut 2 splits, 3cm deep.

Your panel is a valley fold so push your cuts outward to make a mountain fold, ready to embellish.

Your pieces are all 15cm high but are graded in 4cm increments, 29cm, 25cm and 21cm.
Create your 6 sets, alternating the colours.
Attach each individual set by gluing the side edges.
Then attach each of the 6 sets together to make the star. I don't glue the spine edge, just the top bottom and outer edges. 

Cut a selection of patterns from the 6x6 paper pad to use for embellishing....

...and use your offcuts of card and paper and add some coordinating lace trims also.

Room for photos, quotes and journaling.

Before adding the front and back covers, I have added a panel in a contrasting colour. This also adds a bit more strength to the cover. This is also the time to attach your trim to tie the book together.

I have a selection of the patterned papers, decoupage die cuts and some foliage for the covers/

Products used to complete this project.
Bohemian Bouquet Collection:
Couture Creations:
Until next time, Happy Creating!! K x

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