Most Viewed Design Team Projects for 2013

as 2013 draws to a close we thought we would share with you all the most viewed Design Team project posts
Now just to be clear we think all our Design Team Projects for 2013 were outstanding, so this is just going off stats.
 Our top 3 posts we are sharing are Design Team Projects
but our top post by a landslide is Kerrie's Ejection Foam Tutorial 
Onto our most viewed Design Team posts
***** Drum Roll ***** 
our top 3 most viewed Design Team Project Posts for 2013 are
I am sure you will agree they are gorgeous projects but
please take some time this holiday season to revisit all our
 talented Design Team's Posts from 2013
From all of our wonderful Design Team and everyone at Couture Creations we would like to wish you all a fabulous and safe New Years Eve, however you celebrate it and look forward to an amazing new year with you all.


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