Peacock Delight by Adriana Bolzon

Hi there all, some exciting news!!!!!
The latest issue of the Couture Creations Creative Inspiration Magazine is out now.

The two stunning projects on the front cover of the magazine are created 

We have included step by steps in the magazine but here are more in depth step-by-step instructions for creating 
the Peacock Pride and Peacock Mask projects by Adriana.

Step by Step - Peacock Pride Project.

Roughly hand-draw the head and body of a peacock on 
Dark Blue cardstock. Cut out the figure.

Ink the edges and shadow highlights of the neck, 
eyes of peacock with black inkpad and Couture Creations Daubers 
Highlight features of eyes and face of peacock 
with a fine white pen.

Cut small strips of Orange cardstock, create and attach 
as a crown on the head of peacock
and also cut and glue a small beak.
 Adhere Couture Creations Gemstones to the 
head of peacock as shown in photograph.
Highlight areas with a white pen as shown.
Place a Couture Creations Pearls  for the eye.

Punch with a hand punch, an assortment of small oval shaped pieces (you can use a small oval nesting die) and leaves with the Lime Green and Ocean Blue cardstock, 
ink edges with black ink and Couture Creations Daubers 

Place all oval shapes and leaves shapes over the upper
part of the body of the peacock with Couture Creation foam dots,
 layering shapes on top of each other. As shown above in photograph. 

Adhere Couture Creations Gemstones on top of punched shapes.

Technique focus. 
To create the Peacock feathers.

(a) Cut an assortment of Lime Green and Ocean Blue peacock cardstock
using the C0723707 Glamour Days Decorative Die Peacock Delight

(b) Adhere with glue, one peacock die cut on top of another peacock die cut, 
slightly off centre. Alternating the colours. 

(c) Ink edges with Black inkpad and Couture Creations Daubers , then
Apply Glitzing Glamour Glitter Glue in the centre of each doubled 
layered peacock feather, leave to dry.

(d) Repeat the above process for each peacock feather. 
You will require around 25 doubled layered feathers 
 to complete this project.

To create the background of the project
Place stencil mask on top of Black cardstock, 
gently dab over stencil mask with white inkpad and 
Couture Creations Daubers 

Place and adhere body of the peacock on the black cardstock, 
with 3D Foam Dots. Adhere Couture Creations Foam Dots or tape
underneath each feather, arrange clusters of feathers as shown.

Highlight edges with Green, Gold and Crystaline 
Glitzing Glamour Glitter Glue, leave to dry.

Product materials required for this project.
Couture Creations Materials
C0721989 Gemstones Seaspray
C0721978 Glitzing Glamour Glitter Green
C0721971 Glitzing Glamour Glitter Crystalina
C0721976 Glitzing Glamour Glitter Gold
Other Materials
Stencil or mask
Black, Dark Blue, Lime green, Ocean Blue & Orange cardstock
White & Black Inkpad
Leaf punch & small oval hand punch
Fine white pen.

Now for Adriana's second project.........

Peacock Mask by Adriana Bolzon

Step by Step - Peacock Mask.
Cover a Plastic Mask template with torn pieces of Vintage Music paper and apply Modpodge to adhere to mask. Leave to dry.

Adhere lace trim and Couture Creations Gemstones Seaspray and 
Vintage Gold on top section of mask as shown below.

Create 10 doubled layered Peacock feathers as in the
Technique in focus step by step as above for 
the Peacock Pride project. 

Arrange cluster of bird feathers, paper peacock feathers and adhere at each end of mask with Couture Creations Double Sided tape and
 3D foam dots.

Create ribbon bows with sheer ribbon and attach the layered blue silk flowers with a pearl brad through each flower.

Adhere these clusters to each side of mask. 

Create a background with stencil mask and white inkpad, attach
mask to background, if desired.

Peacock mask Project
Couture Creations Materials
C0721989 Gemstones Seaspray
C0721990 Gemstones Vintage Gold

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