Father's Day Hot Air Balloon by Sue Smyth


With Father's Day approaching, our thoughts turn to what we 
can make for the Dad's of the world.
This year my stash of Couture Creations dies has given me an idea
A hot air balloon that you can fill with sweets.
I don't have instructions for this yet, but will repost again
with a template later.
Because I made the template up it took several 
attempts before I got it right, lots of cardstock down the drain!
Eventually I was happy with it, but forgot to take 
photos of step by steps 
But basically I have made a small box from cardstock, die cut 
out 8 squares of patterned paper and adhered to the sides and insides of the box
Affix 4 bamboo skewers to the inside of the box and also decorate the box.
Cut 4 balloon shapes, fold in half and adhere to
each other to form the balloon.
add a strip of cardstock 
across the bottom and attach to bamboo 
skewers as shown,
Die cut Siblings die from black cardstock and adhere around the edges.
Die cut banners and affix to the sides of the balloon.


Happy Crafting 


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