GoPress and Foil inspiration by Bridget Louw

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Well hello there my fellow crafters and happy JUNE!!!! 
What the heck people, this year is zooming by.
Bridget here, up on the blog today and there is no fancy schmancy project for you this time, nor any of my ten minute quick projects..just a teeny bit of inspiration.

I recently added a GoPress & Foil to my craft tool arsenal. Yes, I know, another toy, another thing to take up space but this one, oooooh this one is going to get a workout.

I have given this incredible tool quite the workout. So what I have for you today is a few samples of how many different things you can use the hotfoil stamps for. Now remember the hotfoil stamps do not cut, they are just the metal based "shape" to permanently adhere foil to the paper etc.

The foil for the machine is available in over 20 different colours and effects so one hot foil stamp can look completely different depending on which foil & effect you use. Prepare to be amazed, this tool is incredible.

So here we go. Let's check out some of the materials I have foiled this one hotfoil stamp to. Please note this is just a TINY sample of the things it can do.

First up I have the standard foil to paper application and I am sure you will agree this looks just stunning. If I had used textured paper the texture would show in the foil. 
Perfect, consistent results every time.

Next up we have foiled onto faux leather. I love this technique, I think it looks just beautiful.

The same hotfoil stamp was then applied to vellum and I am sure you will agree this looks just lovely too. And no the vellum does not get affected by the heat of the GoPress & Foil machine.

This sample shows the hotfoil stamp being used for letterpress, no foil, no heat required. The slightly spongy material in the tool allows for a brilliant impression on the letterpress paper.

Last but not least I applied a gold metallic ink to the hotfoil stamp..yes you can do that and again did the letterpress technique and voila, another beautiful look.

In the card sample at the top you will see that I have hot foiled in gold some die cuts that I had done on smooth cardstock. Think how beautiful some of your delicate die cuts will look in a shimmery metallic foil.

So that wraps up my show and tell for this week.

There will be WAY more projects on the Design Team blog coming up showing a gazillion things you can do with this tool. So keep checking us out..we love it when you come & visit us and leave us some love in the comments. See ya soon. Happy foiling.

Products Used
C0725334 GoPress & Foil Machine
C0725288 Anna Griffin Happy Birthday Hotfoil stamp
C0724824 GoCut & Emboss machine.

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