#TBT - Floral Layers from Couture Creations

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Thursday and #TBT.  Today we are showcasing our Floral Layers collection by Couture Creations.  These layering dies build some stunning flowers quickly and easily.  Adding multiples layers of the same size die, or using the entire set of different sizes you won't be disappointed in just how pretty they look on your creations.

CO724159 - Aster 
(60x60mm, 50x50mm, 40x40mm, 30x30mm)

CO724160 - Peony Petals
(49.5 x 45mm, 39.9 x 37.1mm, 30 x 27.2mm, 20 x 18.1mm)

CO724161 - Clavelina Petals
(50 x 48.9mm, 40 x 39.1mm, 30 x 29.3mm, 20 x 19.5mm)

CO724162 - Blue Eyed Daisy
(58.5 x 60mm, 48.7 x 50mm, 39.8 x 39.5mm, 19.5 x 20mm)

CO724163 - Tattered Carnation
(51.9 x 60mm, 48.8 x 50mm, 39 x 40mm, 29.2 x 30mm)

CO724164 - Star of Jasmine
(59.6 x 54.8mm, 49.7 x 45.7mm, 39.7 x 36.5mm, 16.8 x 15.4mm)

We have heaps of inspiration from some of our current and past Design Team Members below for you to see just how beautiful they look on some creations.

After all that yumminess in the creations from our past and present Design Team Members, we're hoping you are on the move to hit your papercraft stores and grab a set or two before they are gone.


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