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Hello again crafters!

Tracey here today to share with you my latest project. 

I am a list lover!  In life I couldn't get by without a list to keep me on track and see what needs to be done. Scrapbooking-wise I love how easily you can journal with a list! Dot points or numbered count downs, I like the simplicity of them, and how minimalist & uncluttered they can look on a page. 

For this project I wanted to record things about my daughter when she was 10.  
It's such a busy age!  She's 11 now and already I see how different her favourite things are. 

This project uses a die from the new Kalini range 'Falling Blossoms' and a piece from the Coteaux Curls Elegant Card Cut set.  I chose 5 pieces of Vintage Rose 6x6 paper to use as backgrounds in the pockets, and a 12x12 piece of Vintage Rose patterned paper to embellish & matt with. 

*** On a side note meet Georgie Cat.  He loves Couture Creations just as much as me! 
So much so that anytime I tried to photograph for this post he put himself in the picture. 
You win Georgie. Say hello to the Crafting world! ***

Right - back to making!

I chose a 12x12 page protector with four 6x6 pockets for this layout.  Perfect for the 6x6 paper pad sheets.  All you have to do is cut off the top header with your Couture Creations paper trimmer and you are ready to slip them in. Too easy!

I did some paper shuffling and found my preferred layout.
I liked the way the leaves framed the corners on opposite sides, and the greens and burgundy colours compliment each other perfectly. 

It's time to die cut!
I'm a big one for getting value for money and lots of use out of products. 
So you don't just have to use a product for how they were intended or named for that matter.  
The curls on this layout are a set in the Elegant Card Cuts range called Coteaux Curls (2pc).

So if you're not a card maker it might be easy for you to overlook a 'card' die.  
But wait - There's more!!! You can use the separate curl die on anything as vines for flowers, an embellishment,  a background pattern etc.  You could also use the main rectangle die on a scrapbook page as a frame for a picture. Don't JUST see card on the packet and think I have to use it for a card. 

I've cut four of the curls with THE most amazing Quick Release Die Paper. 
This is where this paper comes into its own. This die is quite fine and intricate, but using the 
Quick Release Die Paper, the die cut literally just need a small tap (sometimes not at all!) and the cut falls out.  Can you imagine poking this design out of the die 'the old way'? 
Not anymore!!

I added a die cut curl to each 6x6 paper and decided on my photos.
The Turbo Precision Glue Pen was a winner to stick the curls on as the fine nozzle allowed for controlled release of the glue.

Flowers that match your papers can really bring a layout together, so it makes sense 
to actually USE these same papers and make your own flowers.  
For this layout I have made 2 different sized flowers.

The small flowers were made by cutting up 12x12 patterned paper (Diamonds in Burgundy) from the Vintage Rose Collection.  I distressed the squares with my fingernail (because they're so small) scrunched them up and layered three on top of one another using a mini glue spot. I have added a crystal classic gemstone to the center of each flower for sparkle.   

To make the bigger flowers I have used the 'Tracey Cooley spray and pinch method'.
**Tracey is the Couture Creations Special Projects designer and all-round awesome lady.  
She is a legend of flower making and has several flower projects on her blog - go check them out!** 

Firstly I've die cut the flower shapes using a really pretty die called Falling Blossoms from the Kalini range.  To make these flowers simply spray your die cut flowers with water (this breaks down the fibres of the paper) and pinch each petal. They can be quite delicate when wet depending on the weight of your paper/cardstock so pinch slowly and carefully until you get a feel for it.  Once you've pinched all the petals leave the flower to dry.  Once dry you can layer the flowers biggest to smallest (4 layers total) using mini glue spots. You will end up with this lovely aged look & feel to the flower.   So simple yet so effective.  Add some bling of your choice - on these ones I've added the 2mm Gemstones in Celadon.  The pretty light green coordinates beautifully with the green tones.

I've placed the flowers on top of my curls and in the corners of my photos.

I've matted my photos with some of the 12x12 Vintage Rose patterned paper (Diamonds in Burgundy) and distressed the edges with non-stick scissors.  I think distressing gives such dimension to a layout and really frames the photos here. 

I've added some embellishments to the pages, including more of the 2mm Gemstones in Celadon.
They are tiny, but they still add some colour pop to any project. 

This is where I originally finished my page and this post.  I liked it the layout, but 'something' just wasn't grabbing me with the title page.  So I left it. And walked away for a few days.

And came back and fiddled some more.....
And some more.  Until I arrived at this :) 

I trimmed about half an inch of the green background paper and then rolled, ripped and distressed it and mounted it on a 6x6 piece of the remaining 12x12 Vintage Rose patterned paper (Diamonds in Burgundy).  I die cut two of the curls in a green paper, using one whole in the top right corner and cut the other up and poked some small pieces within the rips. I added more of the 2mm gemstones on and around curl. 

My tip this post is that it's ok to walk away and come back to a project. 
Sometimes you can look at something too long. 

CO724037 Turbo Precision Glue Pen
CO723815 Mini Craft Glue Spots
CO721957 15" x 15" Self Healing Cutting Mat
CO721955 Pointed Non-Stick Scissors
CO723973 Paper Trimmer 

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I hope what ever you are working on this week makes you happy!
Even if you need to walk away and come back :) 

Thanks for stopping by

Tracey xxx

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