Happy Birthday Easel Card by Julianne McKenna-De Lumen

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Welcome everyone! Julianne here today, sharing a gorgeous easel card with you, created with the stunning Magnolia Lane papers and embellishments. And yes, it's very quick and simple to make. 

The beauty of the easel card is that it is more than just a card - it is a piece of art work that can be displayed and admired indefinitely. 
Are you ready to begin?

Here's what you will need to start: 
1 sheet of pink cardstock cut into two pieces, each 5.5" x 12"
1 sheet of white cardstock cut into two pieces, each 5" x 5"
1 piece of pink Glitter Paper, cut to 4.5" x 4.5"
2 sheets of paper from the Magnolia Lane 6x6 paper pad (in the colours of your choice)
1 Magnolia Lane Rosette - large (in the colour of your choice). 
1 Magnolia Lane Magnolia Heart Impression die
Magnolia Lane Lace Edge chipboard piece
Magnolia Lane Pink Lace
Black tipped felt pen

Step 1: Take the piece of pink Glitter Paper and cut out the Magnolia Heart die. Place to one side.

Step 2: Take the two pieces of pink cardstock, and fold them in half (keeping them even). Tape two flaps together (overlapping), being sure to keep the good side of the cardstock to the outside.

Step 3: Take one piece of the white cardstock, and tape it to the inside panel of the card, as shown. Using a ruler and black pen, draw a stitched border around the entire outer edge of the cardstock. Alternatively, if you don't like the stitched look, you could ink the edges instead. 

Step 4: Flip the card over to the outside. Take one sheet of 6 x 6 paper, trim it to 5.25" x 5.25". Adhere it to the centre panel of the card, as shown, making sure it is facing in the right direction (as this will be the back of the card). Using the ruler and black pen, draw a stitched border around the outer edge (or ink the edges if preferred). Now take the other piece of white cardstock, and adhere it to the front of the card. Again, draw a black stitched border around the edge (or ink the edges if preferred). Finally, take the second piece of 6x6 paper, and trim it to 4.75" x 4.75" and adhere it to the centre of the white cardstock, on the front panel.

Step 5: Take the lace border chipboard piece, and cut it down to size to fit across the front of the card (6 inches). Add a strip of double sided tape to the back of the chipboard, and gather pink lace across the bottom edge of the chipboard. Add glue if necessary to hold it in place. Now adhere the chipboard and lace to the bottom panel of the card, at the front edge, as shown. 

Step 6: Cut a piece of pink lace, 6 inches long. Cut it down the middle, length-ways. Next, take a piece of scrap paper, cut it to 1" x 6", and trim the edges to create a banner/tag end at both ends. (NOTE: You can use a square punch to create these ends quickly and evenly, or cut by hand for a more organic appearance). Draw a stitched border around the entire outer edge of the paper tag. Next, adhere the lace to the top and bottom side of the paper tag. Trim the edges of the lace, as necessary. Add a strip of foam tape across the entire back of the tag. Take one rosette, add two strips of foam tape to the back of it, and then adhere it to the centre of the die cut Magnolia Heart. 

Step 7: Adhere the paper tag to the centre of the card front. Next, add foam tape to the back of the heart die and rosette. Now adhere the rosette and heart die to the centre of the paper tag. 

Step 8: Add embellishments as desired. I have added a chipboard flower beneath the heart, and a small chipboard butterfly beside the cage. I have finished with two paper ephemera die cut butterflies towards the top of the heart. Add two resin corners to the top corners of the card. 

Step 9: Cut a small banner from scrap paper, and fold both ends about 1 inch in from the ends. Add a stamped saying/greeting (or use a sticker if preferred). Adhere this to the centre of the chipboard border on the bottom edge of the card. Take two chipboard flowers, and adhere them to the left side of the banner, using foam tape to add dimension and depth to the flowers. Finish by adding pink pearls and crystalina glitter glue to the card, as desired. Allow to dry.  

ULT 157486 Magnolia Lane Paper Pad 6x6
ULT 157516 Magnolia Lane Adhesive Chipboard
ULT157529 Magnolia Lane Magnolia Heart Impression Die
ULT157515 Magnolia Lane Diecut Ephemera
ULT157508 Magnolia Lane Rosettes 6 pieces
ULT157501 Magnolia Lane Resin Frames
ULT157505 Magnolia Lane Pink Lace
ULT200001 Cardstock  12x12 SnowWhite
ULT2000083 Cardstock 12x12 Pink

CO724575 Glitter Paper Assorted Colours 12x12
CO724635 3mm Pearls Pretty Pink

Thank-you so much for stopping by and joining me today. I hope you have enjoyed my project, and that you are inspired to create your own card.

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Cheers and happy crafting, xxx


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